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Loving the sunshine!

Posted by on March 7, 2014

Goodness, the sun is out. This makes almost two days in a row. Many of us in the area have forgotten what the sun looked like. The winter of 2013-2014 will go down in our memory books as being just awful. And really, it could have been worse. We have to thank our lucky stars that electricity wasn’t lost for weeks at a time, that more deaths weren’t reported from the weather, that SCHOOLS ARE BACK IN.

Yes, I’m sure that’s making many, many parents happy. It’s even making grandparents happy at this point. I feel sorry for the teachers in the area that are having to try to teach kids one or two days a MONTH. Today is the first day they’ve gone to school this month and it’s already the 7th. And how much ‘learnin’ will they get done today? I’m guessing they’ll all just be happy to see their friends again! Let’s hope that the weather cooperates the rest of the month and they don’t have to miss any more school.

I’m sure business-owners in the area are feeling the same giddiness – glad to be back in their businesses with customers coming in. It’s going to take a few weeks to get back to normal, but normal will return. At least as normal as things can be in these trying times. Of course, those of us in the Estill County area area already getting ready for our spring festival. I really should say that the Festival Committee has been preparing for months. But, the countdown is on now. It’s only 6 weeks away. I’m sure lots of vendors in the area are busy working on crafts for their booths.

Us, well we’re already working on our next publication. It never ends for us. We no more than get one edition out and we are out hounding you all for ads for the next month. It’s a vicious circle – for both of us. For those that take out multi-month ads, we are very grateful. We already KNOW we’ll have a magazine! It’s all the extra advertisers we get each month that determines the size of it. Last month we were back up to 32 pages and we’re shooting for 40 in April. So, for those of you interested in trying our advertising out, please do! We’ll do our best to promote your business, both through our printed publication and our various social media outlets. Because, again, advertising is a vicious circle. We don’t expect you to advertise with us if you don’t get business from your ad. But, we do expect our readers to visit your businesses and do their trading with you whenever they can.

Well, I’ve taking up enough of your valuable time this Friday. Have an awesome weekend and take care.

One Response to Loving the sunshine!

  1. Tula Prewitt

    love your magazine so interesting to read about the weather and so happy to see the sun shining today here In the Capitol City. hope things get back to normal soon as normal as things can be. glad most of the snow has melted and flowers beginning to pop up through the dirt. we be anxious to see them bloom this Spring. It has been a very trying time for people having to drive out of town to work and kids that have not had school cancelled only two days they go to Madison Model so EKU has to close for them to be out. thanks for allowing me to make comments on your page.

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