The Perfect Storm has led to changes

“Where is my All Things Country Magazine?”

I’m sure many of you have already heard that statement, “where is All Things Country Magazine?”. Well, it’s coming, it really is. But the perfect storm, so to speak, has led to a few changes with things.

As many of you know, Thanksgiving was a week later this year, almost at the very end of the month. This led to a late print date to start with, on the 9th of December. Then throw in an ice and snow storm, that pushed us back a few more days. We are the ‘lowest job on the totem pole’ so to speak, so the bigger jobs get preference. When we heard the news that they couldn’t even print us until maybe today, YES TODAY, well we had to make a decision what to do.

Since we started with the new printers, we were always printed by about the 7th of the month, which made delivery by the 10th easy. The past two months, the print date fell later and it put us behind. We have wanted to be printed before the end of the month for quite a while so felt this was the perfect time to transition into a new print and delivery date.

So, the December edition of All Things Country Magazine will print this coming weekend – with delivery either Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. This will also be the January edition too. A combined edition. Several things are going to be accomplished by this change:

• Our deadline will move to the 15th of each month and we will print as close to the 20th of each month as the press allows. This will allow us to have All Things Country Magazine out by the last week of each month now.
• This gives us (and the printers) the leeway in case set-backs occur. We will have that extra few days and still be able to get out before the end of the month.
• Subscriptions will be mailed out before the end of the month as well.

Like I said, we’ve wanted to switch our print date for many months. The only way it was going to be possible in the past was the either skip an edition completely or print two editions back to back. With this ‘perfect storm’ of events, we are finally going to get it accomplished and for that we are thankful. We are sorry to our advertisers that are hearing that question from customers about where is the book? Rest assured, we’ll be out delivering it just as soon as it arrives next week.

Thank you to everyone who supports our magazine each and every month. For you that advertise and have paid in advance, your ad run will be extended a month. The same with subscribers, we’ll extend subscriptions by a month.

If any of you have any questions, please let me know. And if any of you wanted to have an ad in our January edition – please contact me as well so we can get you in this combined edition.

Blessings to you all,
Pam and Dave

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